20 November, 2014

New Etsy Store!

I've been selling hoops very successfully locally for a while. I've even started doing larger orders of either random or custom orders for studios. A long time ago I had an etsy shop where I sold terrible bags and purses I made with my sewing machine. I completely forgot about it until the other day and I started to wonder, why shouldn't I sell my hoops online too? I've found a number of courier companies that are affordable (my biggest issue buying hoops online is the ridiculous postage costs) and that will even collect from my lazy ass. I have just about enough time to take this on.

So, here we go. Spinning Love Story is also now a hula hoop etsy store! 

At the moment I only have one listing up. But more will be going up. I'm also hoping to offer advanced light-weight taped hoops. The kind I use for performing. 

Seen my beginner self taught hooping guide? Wanted to give it a go? Go and buy a hoop!

- Bex