21 September, 2016

"I don't think I want to do this anymore" - a pole break-up story.

Katy, a long-term student of mine, attended her last class tonight. Katy has fallen out of love with pole.

It happened slowly, I suppose, the way it so often does with a loved one. In the beginning your mind is fully consumed with your love, new and exciting as it is. You can't wait to purchase your first pole, you find yourself day dreaming about that new move, your weeks exist solely to fill the time between classes, you wake up dying to remember that awesome pole combination you just dreamt about. It is everything.

Somewhere down the line, months and years on; the excitement wanes, you realise you haven't touched your pole in months, you go to class out of sheer dedication and probably because you love the other students and your instructor. Some classes you come away with a renewed sense of purpose and confidence; others, you want to cry in your car with frustration. Pole got hard. Pole got really hard and one class a week is not enough to progress in the way you want to, and should do. You feel you've peaked, you feel this is the end of the line, maybe maybe just maybe you really can't get any better? Maybe this is it. You're sick of practising the same moves in different combinations. You see the other students in your class, the ones who go to the gym for hours at a time, who practice on their poles every moment they get, who smile with their big shiny white teeth as they perform; looking like they were born to be there. Then you look to yourself.

And you go home each week thinking, I won't go back next week, or, maybe just one more week. Each time it all gets a little harder to continue. You are uninterested, or sometimes even fed up, or upset. Then there's that part of you that is so sad and that wants so so badly to just fall in love with it all over again, but you can't go back, not now.

So, you approach me, and you tell me, "I don't think I want to do this anymore".

And we talk and I tell you the truth, "It's okay, I fell out of love with pole a long time ago".

And I did. I really did. My complex relationship with pole unfolds and you tell me, you never even knew or realised, because how could you?

And what you don't know, or even realise, is how much YOU, dear student, mean to me. Your every little tiny triumph and failure weighs hard on my soul too. To see you sad and frustrated and crying; I want to shake you and say "CAN YOU NOT SEE HOW PERFECT AND WONDERFUL YOU ARE?" Regardless of your fucking pole ability. You ARE a pole dancer, to your very soul. In your mind you are not good enough, or no good, or not a natural.

THIS killed your love, sweet pole dancer.
This is the crime you must pay for.

And you liken this to a break-up, because it is, but in this case, unlike many others; your lover will always welcome you back.
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20 September, 2016

Review: Kitty Velour Workshop!


Date: 16th September '16

Out of 5*

Tricks: (Floorwork based) *****
Choreography: Not applicable, short combinations.
Instructor ability: ****
Length of workshop: *****
Enjoyment: *****

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kittyvpole/

Kitty is just about as slinky, sleek and beautiful as any kitty cat out there. It doesn't get much sexier than this. Every movement, every expression, pure sex, pure kink. This girl describes herself as a "wild child", and whilst this is very very true, her demeanor, as she goes about her wildness, is almost demure and sweet in its nature. Kitty is a sweet heart. 

She tailors her workshop to each group, progressing as slowly or as fast as each class needs, ensuring there is enough to challenge everyone. For me personally; I came away with only a few new movements to work on, but let me be clear, I got a lot of out watching Kitty and seeing her movements in the flesh. From her own mouth: "When I was creating my workshop I really wanted it to be the essence of who I was as a dancer. And I think people remember my movement because of HOW I do things rather than the actual moves, so I wanted to focus on that." And in all honesty, we all attend workshops with our favourite pole dancers, not just to learn their signature moves, but to bask in their style, their personality and feel a step closer to greatness. 

The workshop began with a fast paced floor based warm up and moved on to a mixture of pole and floor based individual moves, and short combinations; each time explaining little tricks of the trade for engaging the audience. Throughout Kitty provides little snippets of information regarding the history and conventions of stripping. The class ended with some panty removing and throwing, which happened to coincide, embarrassingly, with my dad popping his head around the door to say hello (I'm usually packing up at that time). He enjoyed it, to say the least. Note to self; remember to lock the door!

Kitty receives a 4 out of 5 stars for instructor ability solely because she has only been teaching her workshop for a short time and I feel she has HUGE potential. I know from my own teaching that things naturally evolve the more you teach them; this is only going to get better. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and believed her to be a great instructor, but I know this girl is going to bring some intensely awesome shit in the future. Plus, I can't keep giving y'all 5 stars for everything ;).

If you get the chance to attend this workshop, do! It's definitely worth it.
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13 September, 2016

A speck of dust in time.

We are but a small speck in infinite space, here for only a moment. Literature has explored this theme to death, and to death its writers have gone. 

My grandad was a good photographer and I may have missed it my entire life up until this point. He may not have long in this world, he is sick. What do I really know of him? In our child and teenage years, we are so self absorbed; we can't even see the end is imminent.

It annoyed me greatly when adults professed, "teenagers think they're invincible!"

"We aren't fucking stupid, of course we know we can die!" I'd scoff with arrogance, annoyed at the never ending abhorrent attitude my elders put upon me. It turns out they were right, we know we can die, but we do not feel it. When we do it hits us like a tonne of bricks. Some adults still do not fully comprehend it; a coping mechanism of sorts, I suppose. 

A near death experience, no matter how small, can be life shattering. Mere moments where air did not enter my lungs; will forever imprint upon me the fragility of the human body. 

These small beautiful moments are precious. A second captured over 20 years ago represents a time when, my brother and I, were comrades and not enemies, or strangers. A conversation, between my mother and grandmother, lost to time.

Humanity will not live forever, and this second, like many others, will float off in to the ether. 
Grab them before they go. Please.
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