17 August, 2013

August Pole Dance Blog Hop PDBA - Blogging Inspiration.

It's not like me to follow rules so it is kinda perfect that as usual I missed the deadline for my first ever Pole Dancing Bloggers Association blog hop post! You don't need to hear my excuse so lets get right to it...

Social media has been absolutely instrumental in my progress. Classes provided me with an amazing foundation but only through home practice, obsessive pole video&tutorial watching and pole blog reading did I actually manage to make the large amount of progress I have in the last year. From barely being able to walk elegantly around a pole or talk to others in my class to teaching my own classes successfully and confidently in a year is not a bad transition. I am a pole evangelist. It has changed my life.

So naturally one of the best things about the internet to me is being able to follow the progress of other pole dancers half way across the world. Tumblr in particular is really quite great for that. Here are my three top favourite tumblr pole ladies!

I stumbled across Kyra on youtube many moons before I found her on tumblr. An old youtube account and an old video of an intermediate pole dancer caught my eye. Some time soon I stumbled on another pole dancer on tumblr - a fiery red headed advanced instructor. Kyra shares a lot of her personal journey but also intersperses this with helpful tutorials in video and picture form. You can check out her youtube account here.

One of the best things about Miss Drusilla is seeing videos of her performing. Not only does she have amazing energy but she also looks like she is genuinely ecstatic to be on stage. Which is rare even in some of the most professional pole dancers. Her smile is totally contagious! Her blog is primarily her personal pole journey but also contains plenty of tutorials and all the latest and best pole videos. What a beaut!

Kiki is well known in the pole world for her blog Kiki's Pole Blog but she also posts on her tumblr. One of the greatest things about Kiki's tumblr is that she is self taught and seeing her progress is a pretty magical experience. Her tumblr can be quite a mishmash, as so many tumblrs are, but the main focus is on fitness, aerial and pole. Kiki has a lot of passion for the pole world.

My other favourite pole related tumblr blogs in no particular order:

Enjoy :)

My photo-a-week post (hair) is also up over at tumblr, here - Bex