19 August, 2013

Monday Inspiration: The First 20 hours.

Don't give up - chances are most of us will never be one of the worlds best pole dancers, or worlds best anything for that matter, but 20 hours is all it takes to learn something new to a reasonable level. Not good after one hour? Of course you're not!
Josh Kaufman only touches on the most important element at the end; enjoyment. For most of us, those who are not secretly masochistic that is, the thought of sticking to something we just don't enjoy doing, even if we love the idea of the final result, for 20 hours is just torture. Give someone something to do that they enjoy and they could do it all day every day. Some extreme weeks I manage to get in 10 hours on my pole! That is half the time it takes to get good at something. Disclaimer: I do not suggest 10 hours of pole training a week for the vast majority of people. Always listen to your body.
- Bex