03 September, 2013

Beauty, Body and Wellness - What About Spiritual and Mental Wellness? Blog Hop!

This months blog hop is a really interesting topic and a lot of the questions really caught my eye.  Many of them focus solely on physical wellness, and I will do another post focusing on the physical side, but I think spiritual and mental wellness has been an area of greater importance to me as an individual. If you've been reading my blog since the beginning you'll know that pole dancing has had a profound impact on my life.

Before I found pole; spiritual and mental wellness was really important to me but I kinda missed the point. I was in to tarot cards, witchcraft, philosophy, religion in general and self care. In some ways I still am in to those things but what I realised is that spirituality isn't just about sitting there and thinking about life. It's about living fully and being connected to the whole. Pole dancing for me has been...really very spiritual and it seems I am not the only one. I feel more grounded and in touch with myself and the planet than I ever have before. When spinning around my pole I feel somehow that I am tapping in to the amazing energy field of the earth. On top of that pole dancing is very meditative - hoop dancing more so. For once in my life I am able to turn my mind off and just be for a little while; something I found impossible via traditional meditation in the past.

So many changes have happened this past year it would be hard to know where to start. My spiritual and emotional journey started a long time ago when I was much younger but finding pole dancing really kicked everything up a notch and showed me I was going in the right direction. As someone who has always suffered from mental health problems - life is hard. My entire life's work has been to find a way to get everything in control and find that one thing that would be MY thing. The day I went to my first pole class I knew that I had found it. Y'all know what I mean by a thing right? That unexplainable passion for one specific thing. It's quite strange that I was so preoccupied for years with finding that one thing, not knowing if it even existed, yet here it is. I knew from looking around me that not everyone on earth has a "thing" or we'd all have one amazing talent and probably be doing jobs we actually enjoyed. So why was I so sure that I had one? Creepy.

I still suffer from anxiety, probably always will, but pole dancing has helped put everything in its place - helped put me in my place.

- Bex