10 September, 2013

My Top Two Beauty and Body Products! Blog Hop.

Pole dancing isn't directly responsible for me having more care with my health and beauty products. It's something I have been interested in for years but it is definitely something that got more serious as I got more in touch with my body. One of my favourite jobs over the years was working for the company Neal's Yard Remedies packing internet orders at their eco-factory. The company sells organic health and beauty products and, holy fuck, their products are magnificent! They're also an amazing company to work for, they actually care for their staff. That was quite a lesson in not only what beauty products could be, it made me realise how synthetic and cheap most mainstream products are, but also how a job should be too.

In terms of products I use very little; soap and cheap shampoo to wash (sometimes a shampoo bar from Lush if I have the cash), special pole moisturiser only used when my skin is particularly dry, I use a natural bristle brush for exfoliation and as for makeup; I rarely wear much beyond mascara and eyebrow pencil and when I do...it's only for special occasions. There are two products however that I really would like to talk about in more detail:

  • Menstrual Products.

I've been using a menstrual cup and cloth pads for quite a few years now, long before I started pole dancing. These things are damn revolutionary. Firstly they're better for your body as many traditional products are bleached. Do you really think any kind of bleach residue near your privates is a good idea? Secondly they reduce waste in landfills. Thirdly they're more comfortable. And lastly...they save you a fuck tonne of money. 

In terms of pole use it's not necessarily the best option. Cloth pads are bulky so really very obvious under little black shorts and I have found menstrual cups can move around whilst pole-ing which can result in leaks. You may not have this issue as I find it doesn't matter what cup or tampon or product I use...I get a leak of some kind. I usually back up my menstrual cup with a disposable pad when in class and back up my menstrual cup with a cloth pad when not in class!

I could write forever about menstrual cups and all the different brands but just know that buying the first Mooncup you see in Boots is not the best idea. There is actually a whole website dedicated to providing information on menstrual cups, check it out. If you live in the UK you can buy a whole range of cups, and other products such as cloth tampons, cloth pads and sponges, from femininewear. They're super reliable and the delivery is insanely fast. My favourite cup is the meluna classic, small, with a ball pull in black and I buy most of my cloth pads from etsy, you can get some great deals on sets.

  • Deodorant.
We all know how sweaty and smelly we can get whilst pole dancing so for many of us deodorant is a necessity. Many traditional products actually prevent the body from sweating which is exactly what many of us think we want. In fact sweating is utterly necessary - not only to regulate body temperature but also to rid our body of toxins. It works to detoxify us. 

So what are the alternatives? My personal favourite deodorant is the above; Neal's Yard Remedies Lavender & Aloe Vera Deodorant. It isn't cheap at £8 for a small bottle but considering I bought mine last Christmas and there is enough to get me through until next Christmas...I feel it is worth it. Granted I don't sweat a whole lot so it's only really used before and after pole sessions but even if you had to replace it a few times a year it is still not completely outrageous. The great thing about this product is it doesn't stop you sweating...and it isn't solely designed to just smell nice. It actually includes ingredients which cleanse and Aloe Vera which helps soothe. Plus a bonus...it's vegan!

Another option I have tried is Lush's deodorant bars. The great thing about them is they do really last all day. I was putting the product on in the morning and my armpits still smelled amazing just before bed. The problems lies in the bar, it is messy and hard to store resulting in it drying out before you've barely used a fraction of it. A smaller bar would probably be a better option.

And now....
My beauty and body wish list:
  • Embrace: I only hear good things about embrace and dew point. As someone with super dry non-grippy legs I feel like I must try it out and see if it helps!
  • iTac: We have a small pot in class which I use when learning something new that requires a lot of leg grip and IT IS AMAZING! Without it I just cannot do anastasia's arrow or a hands free genie. It just will not happen, end of story. Need my own pot for home use!
  • Coconut Oil: I hear that coconut oil is a must have beauty product. It can be used to moisturise, as a make up remover (it even works on waterproof mascara), as a cleanser, as a hair conditioner, as a shaving cream, and on and on and on. You can even cook with it! I hear it's best to get organic and raw coconut oil. Just make sure you don't get it on your hands before getting on the pole!
  • Wild Rose Beauty Balm: This stuff is HELLA expensive at £37 for a small pot but the stuff is amazing. I tested it whilst working for the company and immediately fell in love. Unfortunately I have never felt flush enough to treat myself to my own pot. It is another multi-use product as it can be used to exfoliate, as a cleanser and as a moisturiser. On top of that it clears up so many different problems; oily skin, fixed. dry skin, fixed. acne, fixed. Some people have even used it on eczema and rosacea to good effect. A lot of people swear by this product. 
What are your must have beauty products? What is currently on your wish list?