14 October, 2013

Please send me to the London Blogcademy!

This is me - the pole dancer version that is. There are many versions of me but the very best version of me is the one that spends time hanging from a pole and teaches others to do the same! People tell me I inspire them to start classes or that I inspire them to progress in class. However, this is primarily real world feedback and - as a member of a generation bought up on computers - I feel like maybe there is more I, and others, could be doing online with social media and blogging to represent pole dancing to the outside world.

The styles of pole dancing vary wildly; sexy stripper style, gymnastics based, contemporary dance based, pole "sport", fitness only classes. Personally I love a bit of everything. On top of that pole dancers are a surprisingly varied bunch; mothers, doctors, nurses, teachers, farmers wives, fitness instructors, aerialists, computer geeks, dancers, gymnasts, office workers, anything you can think of. However, you just don't see that online a lot of the time. The personality is missing.

We also tend as a group to not be very business savvy. The way in which we market ourselves to the outside world tends to be a little sloppy and in some cases - downright unprofessional. Recent online debates and drama have sparked a need for more education in this area. You only need to google "pole dancing blogs" to see how dire the situation is. The content tends to be good for the most part but a lot of these blogs are cluttered and dated.

Blogging is something I do and have done since I was about 11 but until I found pole dancing I never had anything of much interest to blog about. Now I do I want to make the most of it and inspire others through my posts. The Blogcademy would help me find my voice, my style and my direction so that hopefully I can inspire more people to give pole dance a chance. It truly is a life changing activity that helps thousands of women around the world to become more confident and for some it even provides spiritual fulfillment!

-  Bex
Contact email: smith_becks@hotmail.com