31 December, 2013

Planning 2014.

Every year we set goals and resolutions. Every year we keep them for a little while but ultimately give up.

For most of my life I have managed to avoid this particular yearly ritual. The past few years I have instead tried to research and implement ways of improving my life all year round. It has become a habit rather than a resolution. I read books, blogs, articles and I try out the suggestions they make. Some things stick - some don't; but ultimately my life is very different than it was a few short years ago.

This year I am breaking the habit of a lifetime and actually implementing some planning at the beginning of the year also. Not resolutions as such but achievable goals that I can reach, things I want to do and the attitude I want to instil. I stumbled across Leonie Dawson's book "Create Your Amazing Year" at the beginning of December and decided it would be a really fun way to do this. I've not finished planning my year ahead and have a lot of work to do. It's not something that begins and ends with New Years day so I'll no doubt be working on this book for the next few months.

One of my favourite things the book asks you to do is choose a word for the next year. Mine is "fearless" because as someone who struggles with anxiety it is the one damn thing I absolutely want to be more than anything else. I want this next year to be utterly and completely fearless! Or in reality; feel the fear and do it any ways. Comparing myself now to who I was this time last year shows me that I am already doing this to an extent. In 2014 I want to take it further; in particular I want to perform a lot!

Some of my goals for next year:
- Have our own flat!
- Pass my driving test & get a car.
- Get pole specific advertising for this blog.
- Finish my degree.
- Make a full time wage self employed.
- Find my blogging voice, open up.
- Be more flexible; first the splits, then be able to touch my feet to my head.

These are all paths I am already on. These are so goddamn achievable I will be highly surprised if I don't achieve them all. 

Other things I want to do this year include: summer trips to the beach, get out in to nature more, travel abroad, attend a big pole event, go skydiving, write an e-book, go swimming regularly and freestyle for an hour each week on the pole. 

Last year books and blogs played a big part in my development. Some of my reads included; The Power of Now and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, The Primal Connection by Mark Sisson, The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins, Zen Habits, Junkaholique, Becoming Minimalist, Medium and some of our very own pole bloggers at the PDBA (in particular Nina, Sheena, Dru and Kiki). If you have any great blogs you think I should read then please comment below.

To finish; all this planning is all well and good but according to Elizabeth, over at Medium.com, the most important way to finish the year and begin the next is to ask yourself this question: "Who are you now, that you were not capable of being last year?"

My answer: I am now a friend, a person living their life to its fullest potential, a fitness instructor, a business woman of sorts.
And that is well worth celebrating and taking forward in to the new year.

- Bex