23 December, 2013

Round Up 2013.

This year I got to train with some amazing pole dancers: Daniel Rosen, Emily Smith, Felix Cane (twice!), Bendy Kate and Robyn Rooke. This year felt like a break-through year as far as ability goes. At workshops I was no longer the worst or most inflexible - rarely, if ever, the best but finally not the worst. I continued taking 2 hours of pole classes on a Saturday but stepped back from home practice after an injury in January. This taught me to give my body enough time to heal between sessions. I spent more time doing other kinds of sports; swimming, running, cycling, yoga, aerial hoop, hula hoop. Towards the end of this year I started to try and spend at least 10 minutes stretching every day with the aim of getting my splits by Christmas; this wasn't a total success but my flexibility has definitely increased and I am only about 6cms from my split now on a good day.

This year I started trying to let new friends in - which is surprisingly hard after a long time without any. For the past few years it has mainly been just me and Laura. Steadily I have been spending more time with the pole girls and we did a lot together this last year, most of which was pole related.

I had lots of new scary experiences. A group of us went to tackle Dirty Weekend, a 20 or 13 mile obstacle course/mud run. It was absolutely freezing and chucked it down for most of the day leading to almost everyone, we saw a few people taken off in ambulances suffering from hypothermia, pulling out at mile 13; only hardcore Kelleigh, Elly and Mick continued to 20 miles! I definitely didn't train enough and will not be making that mistake again.

I also performed a few times this year, mostly only for a small number of people. In particular I hooped for 2 hours straight in the local carnival in front of hundreds of people along the route! And I did a sexy routine in pleasers at the new studio opening. Prior to this year I hadn't performed since I was a child so that was an interesting experience and definitely outside of my comfort zone. I hope next year to do a lot more of this.

I bought a lot of pretty costumes this year to wear in class and performances. Amirah finished off the year by gifting us instructors matching outfits (from candyass clubwear) for Christmas!

And best for last....

I STARTED TEACHING! It's one of the best things I have ever done in my entire life. It is so rewarding, so much fun and has given me so much confidence. My students are the best. Really looking forward to many many more years passing on my knowledge and learning from my students because lets face it; they teach me a lot about a lot of things.

NEXT POST......next years goals!

- Bex