09 January, 2014

Pole Goals 2014.

So we've covered life goals but what about pole goals?

In the past I have avoided setting pole goals. I figure that when my body is ready; I will get a move and if I don't then that move simply is not for me. Don't get me wrong, I try out the latest must have moves the same as everyone else. The difference is that I don't need to chase moves like the Iron-X, deadlifts or rainbow marchenkos. Everything I do is designed to transform me in to a better dancer, a stronger and more flexible person. If I stick to that; moves will fall into place by themselves. That doesn't mean I don't try and train my Iron-X or my deadlift, the rainbow marchenko is a few years off yet, but I worry that the desire to get there may end in injury so I take it slow. Or as slow as I can allow myself.

Another reason I don't usually set goals is that I feel like expectation is often a fun killer. Not reaching a goal when you expect to is the first step to getting frustrated and my pole journey has always been about enjoyment.

However, having said all of this, this year I want to give a bit more structure to my training. Here are a few loose goals I might like to achieve this year:
  • Stretch regularly, at least 3 times a week.
  • So that I can get my splits and feet to head in a chest stand.
  • Freestyle at home regularly.
  • Put together a floor work routine.
  • Deadlift in to Janeiro!! I pretty much have my half flag deadlift.
  • Twisty grip deadlift (though I am not holding my breath).
  • Work on routines and perform them!
The most important one on the list is getting back to freestyling and training at home. Since I started teaching, or really some months before that when I injured myself, my pole has been very much neglected but it was at home by myself where I was able to perfect what I learnt in class and where I experimented with my dancing style. I have no formal dancing background and so finding out how my body liked to move was crucial. I would NOT be the pole dancer I am today without my pole at home. I doubt I would even be an instructor. My progress was good last year but the pace was slower than 2012. In some ways this is good, for the sake of my body, but in others I feel like I could have done more.

And to finish; I organised all my pole videos by year and decided to put together my favourite ones from 2013. Mainly so that at the end of 2014 I have a comparison point :).

- Bex.