28 February, 2014

Help, I'm drowning.

It's my last year of University and I only have just over two months until all my work will be handed in. I have a word count of about 24 thousand to hand in between now and then. So typically I have written about 4 thousand words so far. Next Wednesday is my driving test and I still haven't learnt a reverse in to bay and only today learnt to do a parallel park. I've JUST sent off the video and written assessments for my pole instructor course I took a whole year ago. Nothing like leaving everything until the last minute eh?

It's the story of my life. Put everything off until you no longer can and then drown in all the work you have to do. Add in teaching 3 nights a week, training, attempting to blog, trying to keep a vague social life and a possible house move and you're asking for meltdown. So what can we do when things just get too much?

  • Write a list. I find that keeping a list of everything that needs to be done, and putting it somewhere I can see it all the time, really helps as it is great motivation being able to tick each item off. For some people this is overwhelming. Do what works for you. 
  • Set a schedule for your work. Decide what you are going to do and when. A little every day is best.
  • Keep on top of everything. The only thing more stressful that trying to get work done for a deadline is trying to do it whilst sitting in a messy house. 
  • Also look after yourself. Not eating properly, not staying hydrated and not getting enough breaks will only make things worse.
  • Make sure to blow off some steam. For me that means getting on my pole, training really hard or having a freestyle session at home. I've always found a good dose of physical pain gives me emotional relief. Before I discovered pole my self torture method was piercings.
  • Relax. Schedule in time to relax; get out of the house, stay in the house and meditate or stretch, lie in the bath for hours. Whatever it is you need to do.
  • Know that it will all soon be over and that everything always works out in the end. 

It may feel like it but the universe isn't purposefully trying to trip you up. Trust that everything will right itself in the end. And don't forget that you can ask for help.

Blowing off some steam last weekend.

- Bex