23 February, 2014

Tumblr FAQs

Today I spent some time updating my tumblr. This is the place to check out, and follow, if you just want to see my videos, pictures and general thoughts. I get asked a lot of questions on tumblr, and get sick of answering them, so as well as updating my page layout; I wrote a little faq page.

Who are you?

  • I’m Bex, a 20-something pole and hoop dance instructor, film&media student and blogger from the South West of England.

How did you get in to pole dancing?

  • A friend dragged me along to a class. A few spins later and I was 100% hooked. I knew after my first class that I never wanted to stop doing it, ever, and a short time later bought my own pole and started documenting my progress here.

How do I get in to pole dancing?

  • Take a class. Teach yourself. Here is a guide I wrote for new pole dancers. Here is a post by Kiki, who is a mostly self taught pole dancer.

Do I need to be strong/flexible/a gymnast/a dancer to start pole dancing?

  • No, I was none of those things, and still really am not. Size is also not an issue, the poles can hold something like 20 stone depending on the brand. Everything you need to be a good pole dancer can be learnt. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. We all progress at different speeds. 

Would you recommend self teaching to anyone?

  • It depends on the person but for the overwhelming majority of us; no. Without the structure of a class you will struggle to progress at any speed and most likely will find it hard to continue self motivating. Most people get bored and quit. Pole is also dangerous. You can injure yourself without the proper knowledge of how the body works, how to warm up, how to stretch correctly, how to position the body in moves. On top of that when you start inverting you could severely hurt yourself, people have been paralysed from falling off poles. It is a serious sport. However, some individuals, such as the previously mentioned Kiki and one of the best UK pole dancers Jess Leanne Norris, have self taught successfully.

What pole do you suggest buying?

  • X-Pole are the most reasonably priced and probably the best designed for home use. I personally love a 40 or 45mm Chrome X-Pole Xpert. Other popular brands include RPole (particularly popular at the moment), Lil Mynx and Platinum Stages. Do some research and talk to your instructor as it is best for you to practice on the same pole you learn on in class.
How did you become an instructor?

  • I've been really lucky in that I have had a lot of help setting up and a lot of my costs covered by my own instructor. The vast majority of instructors train through their own studios, however it is possible to set up on your own. In regards to qualifications - there is no law as such covering fitness instructors. In the UK I would suggest getting a PDC (pole dance community) or REPS (register of exercise professionals) approved qualification. There is A LOT that goes in to setting up as a pole dance instructor, so I won't go in to anything in major detail here, but making sure you are well trained, insured and first aid qualified are the most important things. When I complete my Spin City Beginners Pole Instructor course I will be writing up a full review.

- Bex