07 March, 2014

The Nomad Yogi's Project Pole.

When my instructor and colleague, Amirah Omran, said that she would be teaching Lorna Green, the nomad yogi, to do a whole pole dance routine in 5 days I automatically assumed that she meant...a nice little dancey routine with a few spins. Prior to the challenge Lorna's only experience of pole was being taught a few spins by myself at Farm Festival last summer. Of course, I knew she had a good level of strength to work with but as all pole dancers know; there are a whole lot of skills and processes that go in to learning pole moves.

So, you can imagine my shock when on the 5th day I walk in to the studio to find Lorna doing a whole invert combination, MY favourite invert combination, successfully without any help, spotting or crash mat whatsoever. I just couldn't believe it.

Later on the same day Lorna did a run through of her routine for us at the other studio. I was absolutely blown away by what she had achieved - not only the spins and inverts but also her dancing. It took me at least 6 months of classes to look even as vaguely good as Lorna did!

The most impressive thing of all was that she continued through the pain. It can take me weeks and weeks of learning a move to work through the pain enough to do it successfully. She managed to do this in a matter of days. Clearly her yoga and meditation experience helped her a lot and was a big part of how she was able to complete the challenge.

Please check out what she was able to achieve; I know she was so proud of herself, and us of her! Each day comes with a blog post and video.

Disclaimer: Lorna is a fitness professional who went through a thorough fitness test before attempting this project under professional help. Please do not attempt this at home.

Project Pole - What Is It?

Project Pole Final Performance.

- Bex