08 May, 2014

Everything Spins.

When I spin, be it on the pole or with a hoop, I feel strangely in touch with the universe. It's like I am moving in just the way that was intended. The video below includes a quote from Jaguar Mary, who says that, "spinning supports the universe...everything spins" really strikes a chord with me; after all my blog is called Spinning Love Story. When you put aside the accomplishments, the confidence building, the community and fun aspects of pole and hoop you find the core of why I do what I do; this feeling of being grounded and connected to everything. A sense of calm and of everything flowing together just as it should.

I'm not sure if I am a born performer. Much of my childhood and early teens was spent dancing and singing in my bedroom. Part of me kind of liked the idea of celebrity, of getting up and doing something you love and having people practically worship you. But then I think all people do deep down. Who doesn't want to be loved and admired after all? What I do know is that I have struggled with performing, nerves being the main problem, the second being that my brain seems to switch off and I lose control over my body. I know I can do better but it doesn't translate when a room full of people are watching me.

I've only performed hoop twice before last weekend; both times to small crowds. Something clicked this time. Three is supposedly the magic number. I felt more in control. I still made mistakes, it still didn't look as good at points as it should but it was better and it felt better. So, this proves that even performing gets easier. You don't HAVE to be a natural born performer. And it helps that when I perform I do so doing my favourite thing; spinning.

- Bex