02 September, 2014

"I would end up pole-ing myself in the baby!"

On the 21st of August I headed over to L.A Studios to train and meet with 3 kick ass pole dancers. It was like any other training session at the studio, only I had originally met all three ladies through the micro-blogging website tumblr. Meeting up with internet friends is not something new in my world; I've been doing it since I was 13 years old (in public places, with friends or parental supervision, of course) but it is the first time I have ever met up with internet friends to exercise. A very novel concept. The four of us (Jo, Emily, Lizzie and myself) spent three hours at the studio doing pole, aerial hoop and stretching before spending the evening at a restaurant and the following day at Wookey Hole Caves. 

It was amazing to meet both Jo and Emily, having met Lizzie many times before. Sometimes it feels like you know someone because you read their blog but there is so much more to learn about someone in real life; mainly their mannerisms. The way they move, the way they say things, the faces they pull. 

Jo is the most random person I have ever met but insanely loveable. She comes out with these amazing one-liners, in a discussion about pregnancy and pole she came out with, "I'd end up pole-ing myself in the baby!!" I pretty much am still laughing about that one. Emily is really down to earth, bright and smiley. She also has awesome style, noted by both myself and Lizzie as stepped out of the car in Slytherin leggings. She brought along her boyfriend Adam Wilkins who kindly took some photographs of us over the two days (all copyright belongs to him). And finally there was Lizzie. I met Lizzie some time ago as we realised through tumblr that her boyfriend lives literally two towns over from me. Luckily Lizzie spends University holidays at her boyfriends house so I get to have her as an amazing friend and student in the holidays!

We pretty much talked all things pole all the time. It's not like I do that enough, right? Even whilst at Wookey Hole Caves it was discussions on students and classes and whether it was possible to do an elbow hang off a dinosaur mouth. But honestly it was great. It's always so interesting learning about the experiences of students and instructors from other studios. One of my favourite things about pole has been making friends. It's nice to expand that outside of the classroom and outside of the internet for a change.

Next time I'd like to open this up to UK pole bloggers in general. A bigger yearly event; where UK bloggers can take it in turns to host a meet up where we exchange skills and social events where we can get to know each other. Are you in? Go join the facebook group now for more information.

- Bex