15 September, 2014

Student Spotlight: Kayleigh.

This afternoon I tuned in to the PDBloggers google hangout with Alex Beadon on Business and Branding. The whole talk was interesting but one of the things that made me think the most was the points she made about finding your target audience and catering to them. It got me thinking not just about the target audience of my blog but also of my business full stop. Who is the target audience of my classes? And to get to the bottom of that question; I really wanted to know the reasons why women came to my classes and more so why they stayed, what they got out of it? I had the idea to extend my student spotlight series, originally beginning with Liz. Liz's story really inspired me and so I wanted to share it. She deserved to have it heard. In Kayleigh's case I wanted to know more about her relationship with pole and my classes. Here is what she wrote:

"I started pole fitness around 12 months ago now. A female work colleague originally recommended I try it and that’s how I ended up taking my first class. I must admit that I felt a little unsure and anxious about joining the class originally. I started off feeling a bit like a beached whale, which had been pulled up a flag pole, but the girls in the classes were amazing! Very quickly I became very comfortable in the classes and found that I was suddenly looking at hot pants! To buy! For myself! I did decide after not very long that my extra wobbly bits made some of the moves that much easier because there was more to grip the pole!

I realised that over time I was toning up and my whole body shape was changing. I felt myself getting stronger and I tell you now - when I started to see definition in my abs I literally skipped everywhere for a week. My partner noticed the changes in my physique and he seemed rather happy with it, so that was an unexpected bonus! I even started looking at cropped tops; so that I would be like the other women in the classes and have the confidence to have my stomach on display. I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to be able to stand in hot pants and a cropped top in a class full of women all different sizes and shapes and feel 100% at ease! Long gone are my vest top days now! Any chance I have to get more of my body out I’m doing it! Even at home I find myself taking longer to go to bed and get up because I stand in front of the mirror longer checking out my new found muscle definition! I didn’t even realise I was working hard enough to get it! The changes to my body didn’t change there! I got soooo many bruises! They became like small trophies and, unlike normal bruises I would complain about, I would purposefully have to strip down to show people the bruises I was so proud of! This didn’t please my partner! I had to take to covering them up if we went out for the evening because of the looks bruised thighs can get you but nonetheless I wouldn’t change them and was instantly very pleased with them! They meant I worked hard and was doing something impressive.

Like I said before the women are amazing! They are some of the most down to earth and supportive women I’ve ever met. They at once made me feel welcome and on those days when you just feel like absolute rubbish, and like nailing that superman is never going to happen, they are stood there with you showing you where to put your hands and cheering you on. They not only helped me in the class but they also helped me socially and got me out of my tiny flat a bit more often. I think it is safe to say I would not want to be in the classes with any other people.

Some people are looking to discover themselves. Some chose to do this by not washing and sleeping in a tent for a while... fair play to them. I think although I haven’t necessarily started pole fitness to find myself, as it were, I do think it has taught me a lot about what I sell myself short on. Firstly I am an attractive person with a womanly body that I should love more than I do and secondly I give up on myself far too easily. Pole has taught me that I can keep pushing and I can achieve more than I ever thought that I could. When I started I could not even pull my own body weight off of the floor and now I am at a point where I can invert and change legs without using my hands! If I kept doing what I always did before pole, I would still be getting what I always got; not a lot. Pole has given me the courage to keep going and to push my limits beyond where I thought they could go; it has given me the confidence to not only be semi-naked in front of lots of women but also to walk around that much taller and stronger on a daily basis.

Plus having a semi-professional job it feels rather naughty knowing that after I leave work I am going to pole dance! It’s exhilarating! I don’t regret a single moment I have had in class. I am still learning and will continue to for a very long time! I can’t fault the classes, the instructor or the other women. Pole has had a wider impact on my life and that was a happy bonus that I was not expecting to get."

Thank you so much for sharing Kayleigh!
- Bex