29 October, 2014

Pole Kisses - love letters to instructors.

You may have seen on facebook that I have just started a new mailing list called Pole Kisses. It's something I have wanted to do for over a year now but kept putting off. Thinking that I would eventually sit down and plan every aspect of it out in detail. Today I decided; screw that! Why can't I just build it and learn as I go, as I did with my blog? So, here we go, the launch of Pole Kisses!

Pole Kisses are monthly love letters for pole instructors, delivered straight to your inbox. Like the pole kisses of our industry they won't always be pretty; light-hearted through to controversial they will provide information, stories and discussions aimed at pole instructors.

Here is a little taster of this month's letter:
"I had a new student join my class inter/adv class last Wednesday, a fairly well-known pole dancer on facebook, a pole dancer who is both bendy and strong. I was terrified. The first thing to go through my mind when she asked to join us was, “what the hell could I teach HER?” I made an assumption that she was better than me, that I had nothing of worth to share. After a training session together, and that first class, it became apparent that certain intermediate moves were still very painful to her, superman in particular. She also told me that they don’t dance much at her normal studio. Arms only moves? She kicked my ass. Flexibility? Again, she kicked my ass. But she wasn’t some bendy infallible pole goddess (okay, she is totally a pole goddess).

So, I learnt that I have loads I can teach her. She may hate me for some of it, sorry!, but at least she will get to work on the areas she struggles with. I asked her to give me some honest feedback on my class and the day after she asked if she could come once a week. That was a huge confidence boost."
Sound like something you'd be interested in? Get yourself signed up below and please share with your instructor friends! First email goes out on Halloween.