04 November, 2014

The 3 Golden Rules of Hooping.

1. It's all about timing.
Everything in hooping is about timing - you know the correct time to grab the hoop, move a limb or bounce a knee and you've got a move down. So much so that when you've got the timing of a move you never have to think about it again. It stays with you forever. Until you swap hoops that is; heavier and lighter hoops will have different timings as they move at different speeds.

2. Don't chase the hoop.
The hoop will come to you, promise. Don't panic, just wait. Put your hand where it needs to go and the hoop will arrive. Chasing the hoop more often than not causes the hoop to drop or fly off. Or y'know, smack you in the face, and no one wants that.

3. Don't over think it, feel it.
Clearly a level of thinking needs to happen when learning a move but once you've got the basic idea of timing, and where your body needs to be, turn the brain off. Feel it. Hoop dance is about finding your flow and is highly meditative if you can learn to shut that voice in your head off. Sometimes the hoop wants to do its own thing - let it. It's not rarely as much of a mess as you might think.