11 December, 2014

Best of 2014

First things first - my video from 2013:

Now, 2014:

Best of 2014. from bexjsmith on Vimeo.

I wanted to let the pictures and videos do the talking but damn, it has been an insane year. Started off with lots of training, spent the summer working at festivals teaching and performing, had our first ever Tumblr Pole meet-up! Then I trained some more and performed some more and spent time with the people I love. I learnt to drive and got my first car. I DID THE SPLITS! More pairs of pleasers. More pole outfits. I started teaching private aerial hoop and started up my own hula hoop classes and started selling more and more custom made hoops. We had photoshoots recently. I performed in my first ever pole competition!!! I learnt and grew and had fun. There is still a few weeks left - I have a pole jam and Christmas meal with my students this weekend, then the weekend after we have our instructors Christmas meal and then our Christmas showcase and party for students and instructors alike at the Trowbridge studio. Then I have a whole week off to relax and read. I have 9 books left to read before January first to complete my 50 in a year GoodReads challenge. Better get on with it!

How was your year?

- Bex