18 December, 2014

Tutorial: 13 ways in to Superman.

To me Superman is one of the classic pole moves. It's beautiful, elegant, badass and still causes some pole dancers to cry like little girls from the thigh burn. I had only been pole dancing a few months when I went along to a Jess Leanne Norris workshop my studio was hosting. Most of the workshop was unattainable to me, although it did give me a lot to work on, but Jess did help me get in to my first ever Superman. Strangely she had me do it from Flatline Scorpio. I have no idea if it was part of a combination or if there was some other reason why. For a while I carried on getting in to it that way, until I was taught from a pike. That became my default way of getting to Superman for a long time. I kind of hated superman and the pain it produced to begin with but in time I grew to love it. 

I've found with students that there is no specific way to teach Superman, in regards to a way in to the move at least. Some students do it from a side spin no problem to begin with, others can only do it up the pole, some can only ever go from a pike. It's good to have options.

What are your favourite ways in to and out of Superman?