02 February, 2015

What goes through a performers mind....

On Saturday we threw a massive surprise birthday party for my boss/friend/colleague, Amirah Omran. I was in charge of organising performances and decided I really wanted to put a sexy routine together just for Amirah.
Usually when I perform I am so nervous I completely zone out, the world becomes a blur, I have no idea what the hell is going on but this time I felt surprisingly lucid. So I could pay closer attention to what was going on around me and my own thought process. Here is my performance and some of the ridiculousness that went through my mind.

  • Sophie, that's great that you felt the need to tell me someone is in the bathroom, but SIT DOWN.
  • Haha, okay Amirah looks happy that's a good start
  • Oh shit, I'm too early on my timing, okay I'll just stand here for a bit.
  • Is this too filthy? Idk, Idk idc.
  • Oh thank fuck I landed in the right place.
  • Okay my timing is still out, I'll just wave my arm about.
  • WHYYY is there water on the floor RIGHT BY THE POLE? Are you kidding me?
  • Boom!
  • Okay this is the like the billionth fish flop today that officially hurt.
  • I'm reallllllyy thirsty.
  • Am I facing the right way?
  • I need a drink
  • IS IT FLAT? IS IT FLAT? Definitely not flat.
  • Like realllllyy thirsty.
  • NOOOO don't fuck the music up. I am NOT starting again.
  • Like water, now, please.
  • Thank god I got up.
  • I love janeiro. Seriously this move is badass.
  • I am so glad I ran this routine through with body rolls at the end in case the timings messed up.
  • Oh hi Amirah.
What thoughts usually occupy your mind when you perform?