04 June, 2015

Pole Rut: Move Like Alethea.

I've lost my passion for pole. I'm bored of moving in the same ways and doing the same tricks. Pole has reached ridiculous heights even in the 3 short years I have been doing it. Workshops and classes are expensive and require travel. I'm in a rut. A massive rut. I mostly prefer to roll around on the floor these days. I mostly prefer to just do other things. Don't get wrong - I love teaching pole, I know it best out of everything I teach and I LOVE teaching. That's not an issue at all. My pole girls, and boy, are so important to me. They give me life.

I don't want to force myself back in to loving pole. Scheduling specific training sessions, spending money on workshops that may or may not help, continuing to dance in the same ways I have been or forcing myself to work on moves that just don't work for me. It leads me to thinking today, how can I find the connection I once had with it?

Well, firstly, I figure getting back to my roots will help.

My first pole crush and love was Alethea Austin. She was the first name I knew in pole. Her smooth treacle-like sexy movements captivated me. Her tricks were achievable but amazing at the time. Shoulder mounts and superman were the height of pole afterall. Her floor work was out of this world and something completely alien to me; as it was never something we did much of in class. I bought her DVDs and set about learning how to move like her. I watched her videos and tried to copy her. I failed really. I've always preferred to move in a more dramatic fast dynamic way whereas Alethea makes every tiny little movement count and bitch ain't rushing for no one. But I did learn a lot just by watching her, taking those moves and making them my own.

But this is the point, I never did triumph in learning to move like that - as if in slow motion, as if the whole world should wait just for her.

So this week, this is my plan in everything I do: move like Alethea.
Want to join in? I'll be trying something new each week! #polerut

- Bex