05 July, 2015

10 Pole Instructor Problems

We shouldn't complain. Those of us who teach full time, although working our asses off, are living the dream. We're our own bosses, we get to work with amazing women day in day out, whilst having fun and we get to make money from it! But....that doesn't mean we don't face problems day to day...some more comical, others damn right annoying, and some emotionally draining. Off we go...

1. Being kicked. In the face.
It doesn't happen often but it definitely happens. The hardest part is pretending like it didn't hurt and that you don't have a concussion, you don't want to make your students feel bad after all! It's your fault for standing in the wrong place any ways....ouch.

2. Answering the same question a hundred times because no one reads anything properly.
You're putting on a workshop, you've posted up the details to every group, page and account you have on facebook. Within the hour you've had 10 messages from students; 1 person asking what time the workshop is, 3 people asking how to book, 2 people claiming there is a problem with the booking system but they've clicked the wrong thing and 4 asking how much it costs. All of this information has been broken down in detail in every post you've made about the workshop. Head. Desk.

3. Crotch in face. Enough said.

4. When students leave and you feel genuinely sad. I don't consider my students friends (it's taken nearly 3 years to see the people I train with and other instructors as friends) but I do care about them. I see some of my students more often than I see my friends. They are in class week in week out. I get used to them being in my life and it leaves a big hole when they leave.

5. Wanting to go on holiday/go to an event but not actually wanting to leave your students, with another instructor or at all. All our other instructors are amazing but I hate to leave them with my pole babies. I don't want to miss any of their triumphs or fails. All I think about is wanting to be back with my students, and end up spending all my time off checking their progress photos!

6. A lack of instructors to cover you when you do have to go away. It's likely there isn't an excess number of pole instructors local to you. And those that you do have: they all have their own classes to teach, plus likely second jobs to go to. If you can't make a class or are sick it's likely your poor students will just have to cope without you and class. This makes me feel guilty - for some of my students this is one of the only things they do weekly for themselves, away from husbands, children and work.

7. Paperwork. Admin. Up to our ears. Keeping track of payments, attendance, forms, tax returns, booking new students in, keeping facebook pages and websites up to date, replying to students texts and messages. It goes on and on. More of a self employed person problem really.

8. We're always working when our friends are free to socialise, and our friends are always working when we are. Most pole studios operate primarily evening and weekend classes, with maybe a few day time ones thrown in for good measure. This means you miss out on nearly everything social.

9. Finding time to train, with or without other people. With all that teaching, second jobs potentially and admin and paperwork it's a struggle for many of us to even find time to train, let alone find a time which works for everyone else.

10. When your students get better than you are. Or when students get moves, you struggled with for months, immediately. Like, what? I'm not jealous, I'm proud but daymn. When did you all get so good advanced girls and boy?

I'd love to hear some of your pole instructor problems!

- Bex