07 July, 2015

Hard work and practice makes you sexy (BSB15)

It's that time of year again! Bringing Sexy Back 2015 is here. Now I am not entirely sure why but it seems last year I didn't take part. Likely it was because I was away all summer working festivals but really there's no excuse. But I did take part in 2013 and this has given me a wonderful way to compare my progress. It's always been about sexy pole and floor work for me. From very early on in my pole journey, it's just, well, that I was goddamn terrible at it By the time the 2013 video was filmed I was starting to find some flow in the way I moved but I still had a long way to go. I spent a good year or two rolling around in private before I even considered sharing it anywhere other than tumblr.

So here are my two videos, they are a good starting point for comparison.


See, through hard work and practice YOU TOO can be sexy! ;)

So how did I make this transition? I often get told "I'm not sexy", but that's a lie because every single woman is sexy, in their own unique way and it's more often than not covered up and buried under insecurities and confidence issues. But it's there, you just have to dig a little deeper.

  • Watch a lot of videos, check out a bunch of different styles. Being sexy means different things to different people. It can be elegant, balletic and flowy, it can be firey and attitude filled, it can be pure filth, it can be moving through treacle like Alethea Austin or full of BOOM like Nadia Sharif. It can be anything at all. Try out different ways of moving. Your body will likely gravitate naturally to one particular way.
  • PRACTICE constantly. Sometimes when I teach classes I find students stopping and looking around as if to say "what now?". NOTHING now, you work that body roll until you can do it wearing a bin bag and still look sexy. I will tell you when you're ready to move on. All of the basic body movements; hip circles, body rolls, leg circles, have been practice hundreds, if not thousands of times. Over and over and over and over.
  • Be in love with the process, not the end result. Stop worrying about what you look like now and what you want to look like. That's the first way to get frustrated. Enjoy these movements NOW. Enjoy the process of smoothing them out. Enjoy letting go and dancing. Or you'll quit and decide you're not sexy before you've even started. To hell with what you look like or what others think. How do you feel when you get in the zone, block out your insecurities and just dance?
  • Routines are a really great way of starting to link moves up. Take a sexy class. Lots of studios now offer stripper style classes. Or will offer one off classes in sexy routines for special events, such as valentines day. If they don't - ask if they will.
  • Freestyle - THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is to freestyle, a lot. Every day, every week. As often as you can. By yourself, in a dim room, with your favourite music blaring out. It will be awkward to begin with. You'll probably do a hundred step arounds/around the worlds over and over again the first few times. But in time your body will start to loosen up and move and find its natural rhythm and movement.
  • Watch yourself. To begin with you may not feel confident in doing this but in time it's an important tool. Watch yourself in a mirror, or better yet film yourself and watch it back. Notice what looks good and use it more, notice what looks bad and fix it or ditch it. Not all movements or moves are for everyone.
But most of all have fun. I look forward to seeing everyones videos!