03 May, 2016

Elly Clibbens - Hula Hoop Video

A good friend of mine, Elly Clibbens, recently asked if I would film some showreels for her. I've made videos before, as some of you know, but mainly for myself. Some have been better than others. I'm really just trying to teach myself. It meant a lot that she would trust me to make these for her!

Elly asked specifically for a video that showed off her best tricks, not necessarily a video that focused solely on being aesthetically beautiful, as many videos of performers tend to be.

Her new hoop routine is so amazing that I found it hard to show off those best tricks and cut it down. Her routine SHOULD be seen in its full glory, but I think I did a fair job.

The video was recently featured on hooping.org. All hoopers know that it's a special day to be featured there. I've yet to have a video or photo of myself hooping appear there, but to be fair I barely hoop these days. 

It's enough to see something I created there!