18 July, 2016

Review: Lux ATL workshops

Date: 15th July 2016
Time: 6-9pm.

Out of 5*

Tricks: Ungraded, these workshops are not about the tricks.
Choreography: *****
Instructor ability: *****
Length of Workshop: *****
Enjoyment: *****

There are no adequate words to describe Lux ATL - "the stripper with the PhD". Her online bravado, persona and FUCK YOU feminist attitude is real, and a good chunk of what makes up the whole that is Lux.

BUT!....there is so much more to her than all that.

Over two days I saw the many sides of Lux. A gentle thoughtful scholar; ruminating on what pre-historic man may have believed and cared about. A passionate activist; decrying the state of her country's health care system and police brutality problem. A playful sexy siren; seducing every one of my students with her "fuck me" eyes. Someone who struggles with the day to day realities of life; missing her family, processing the experiences she has lived through. She is a complex and whole human being. An open book, free with her emotions in all their glory and sadness. There isn't anyone in the world like Lux, "Only you possess what only you possess".

I'm not here to sell this to you. Lux does a damn good job of that herself. Pole dancers are lining up, all over the world, to attend her workshops. The Stripcraft workshop we hosted sold out within a few days of announcing it, more than 6 MONTHS BEFORE! People know she is the real deal, and let me tell you; Stripcraft is life changing. It is NOT a workshop about tricks or dancing, though you will learn a short routine, but it is a workshop about who we are and who we want to be and who we can be. I didn't need Lux's permission to express myself, in and outside of the studio, but I did need to be told that I already HAD that permission within myself. 

A massive chunk of the workshop is dedicated to an insane lecture/speech/sermon from Lux herself. The church of Lux; I believe it has been called. Her words spilled out and flowed over the class; a laugh here, a tear there. Every single person deep in thought at her words, figuring out what it meant to them personally. When it came to the dancing; EVERY SINGLE ONE of my students let it out. I preach self love, I ban self negativity in the studio, but Lux did more for these women than I have managed in years. Her message reaching out and hitting them exactly where they needed it.

Everyone needed something different. For me; I needed that kick up the ass to LOOK at my audience, to use my face as part of my performance. It has ALWAYS been my weak spot. A few hours with Lux was all I needed to realise, I can do that. I can get up there, and I can look at the audience, and I can express myself. And I am going to work on this every time I perform from now on. I have got this! 

We wound the evening down with the hour long PowPowPow! workshop. Burning off our leftover energy with some fast paced booty choreography. We were left sweaty and happy but longing for more. A sense of loss that we cannot keep this inspiring woman in our lives every day, as a constant reminder to live.

Lux is real. There are no words to describe Lux ATL but I can tell you, meeting someone as real as her is rare. I want to hold her up as an example to all of humanity; be more you.

No Shame, No Fear, No Apologies! Just love.