Eckhart Tolle believes that belongings, other people, actions and even thoughts do not define who a person is. That we are the quiet beneath the incessant chattering of the mind. Many of us never get to experience that quiet, those who do often find it through meditation, but I find my quiet through physical expression; whether it be pole dancing, aerial or hula hooping. I also love to teach. Seeing my students grow in strength, ability and confidence is one of the most rewarding things I have ever undertaken.

You can usually find me at either Wincanton Pole Dance or at L.A Studios, Trowbridge. I am also available to teach workshops and perform at events and festivals throughout the year. I am skilled in pole, aerial hoop, hula hooping, fire hoop and stilts primarily.

The rest of the time? I am fire-y, opinionated, a lover of film and books, a wine drinker, an adrenaline junkie, a floor writhing nymph.