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Student Spotlight:
Liz. The story of a student who was able to escape domestic abuse thanks to her growing confidence.
Kayleigh. 12 months in Kayleigh reflects on how pole has shaped her life.

- TMI time: Pole and Periods. Review of menstrual cups and diary doll underwear.

Project Pole:
The Nomad Yogi's Project Pole. Lorna Green, the Nomad Yogi, took on a challenge to learn a pole routine, inverts and all, in just 5 days. Check out my thoughts and find links/videos from the challenge.


- The Non-History of Pole. Why in this day and age do we not have a credible and well referenced history of pole dancing?
- Inconsistent, lazy, bad attitude: sound familiar? Or how to check your attitude at the door and get good at pole.
Who the FUCK are these people? Thoughts on authority and bad service in the pole industry.
Savour Your Journey. It is not a race.
On Tutorials: A Discussion. Why claiming that tutorials impact your ability to make money is stupid.
- I broke my own rules. Professionalism in the studio, or how we should behave.